Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner

If you're anything like me, finding just the right thing for your mom can be difficult. So I've compiled a list of great ideas to help you out! Also, you'll find a downloadable card at the bottom of the post (it costs exactly $1) or you can also buy one if you don't want to print it yourself.

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picture via Silvertree Jewelry

picture via Silvertree Jewelry

Left: pottery class Right: picture via Silvertree Jewelry

Gift Guide

Mama Needs Box

I had the pleasure of helping Jenn with the branding for this box and it is fantastic. She comes up with the best themes each month and focuses on caring just for moms. Order by April 30th to get the box in time for Mother's Day or just get your mom a subscription. She'll love it.

Day Trip

Last year, I took my mom on a day trip for Mother's Day. We had the best time! We went about an hour away to a town we were vaguely familiar with so we knew we'd have fun, but things were still very new. We shopped, ate, and giggled. It was a great time to just play together.

Cheese Boards

Who doesn't love a cheese board!?! But sometimes putting them together is difficult. So I woodburned a beautiful board that gives divisions and suggestions to ensure a perfect cheese board everytime! They also make a beautiful decoration. Hang it on the wall until you're ready to use it. Then when you're done, simple wash and rehang. Multipurpose, ya'll! These are just being released and you're the first to know because I like you best. 

Make it Personal

The best gift I ever got my mom was a cutting board with a recipe of my grandmother's engraved in it in my grandmother's handwriting. Mom adored it. She happy cried. My brother looked at me and said, "you could've at least told me." Sorry not sorry, bro. Get something custom. A picture she loves in a locket, an art piece of her favorite lyrics, you get the idea.

Silvertree Jewelry

Maggie makes the most beautiful jewelry and does so with the love of a family's history. If you have pieces of unused silverware, Maggie will turn them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

Something special

Find a special edition of her favorite book or her favorite music in a mint condition vinyl. What does she already love and how can you make it extra special? I love gifts like this because it says I know you and see what you care about.

A Class

Get her a seat in a local class. Maybe it's cooking or ceramics (you all know I LOVE my pottery class) or wreath making, but she'll get to learn a new skill and have fun while doing it. Bonus points if you take it with her.

picture via Mama Needs Box

picture via Mama Needs Box

write the things

Say nice things to your mama. Write them down in a meaningful way. It doesn’t have to be long and poetic (I’m a big fan of short and sweet), but just say the things. The “I love you”, “Thank You,” “I’m glad you’re my mom,” etc. (Here’s a printable card if you don’t want to go to the store)

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